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Check out the complete line of maintenance products and maintenance services offered by Dar-Lyn Pools and Spas.

  • Maintenace programs Weekly, Bi-Weekly for Pools and Spas
  • Spring Opening
  • Free Computerized Water
  • Analysis
  • Mursatt Chemicals
  • Testing Kits
  • Replacement Pumps,
  • Filters, Spa Packs, 
  • Jets etc.
  • Filter Cleaning
  • Winterizing


To keep your spa water sparkling clear and odour free, follow these steps:

  • Operate the filter for at least 8 hours a day to remove suspended particles that may exist. Do this a minimum of 4 hours every 8 hour period.
  • Test pH to maintain a level of 7.2 to 7.6. If an ozonator is being used, pH should be 7.8 while ozonator is working.
  • If you are using Organic Bromine (Bromine Tablets) adjust your feeder so the bromine residual is 3 to 5 ppm.


When the spa is not in use:

  • Add 1 cap (30 mL) of a Scale Preventative per 250 gal (1000 Litres) to inhibit scaling and staining. Circulate water for 30 minutes.
  • Add a Brightener 24 hours after adding the Scale Preventative. Circulate the water for 30 minutes.
  • With the bromine sanitizing system, contaminants may build up during the week. The spa should be shocked with a Spa Shock This will eliminate any odour and restore clarity to the water.


Greases, oils and organic waste can accumulate on the filter cartridge reducing their efficiency and limiting the effectiveness of the disinfectant. Clean the filter with CARTRIDGE CLEANER as directed. Physically clean the filter basket daily (if applicable).

NOTE. It is not recommended to use muriatic acid on filter cartridges as this is a raw chemical which does not rinse out well, ending up back in the water causing low pH levels.

The use of the scum ball will cut down on grease, foam and suspended particles in the spa. The scum ball acts as a filter before the filter and will increase the life of the cartridge.

The use of a thermal insulated hard cover will reduce evaporation and heat loss. Keep cover on and level at all times when spa is not in use.

Once you have established a comfortable water temperature to soak at, leave the thermostat at that temperature. Rapid changes in water temperature consumes more energy.

Take a sample of water to your Sunrise Spa dealer to test for alkalinity, calcium and total dissolved solids.

WHEN TO DRAIN SPA WATER. Due to the warm water temperature and high evaporation rate, the total dissolved solids tend to build up for this reason we recommend draining and refilling the spa every 2 to 4 months - depending on usage!

Clean your filter(s) at least once every two weeks or after heavy bather loads, by soaking your filter(s) in cartridge cleaner. Dirty filters cause the heater to shut off or the spa temperature to drift lower than desired.

NOTE: Remove any objects floating on the water before removing skimmer basket and filter or they may be sucked into the pump.

NOTE: Spas should not be left running unattended without filters. Remove filters for cleaning and start up only., Debris can enter plumbing and cause damage.

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